In Luke 5, the Bible tells a very interesting story. The disciples fished all night catching nothing. Jesus approached them and gave them the following instructions, “launch out into deep waters.” Jesus had great things in store for them but in order for them to experience these things they needed to go deeper. The same is true in our lives today. God has amazing things that He wants to do in and through you but it won’t come to those who are shallow in their faith…we MUST go deeper!


Deeper is all about HELPING YOU WIN! We have narrowed down the most common needs of people today to 4 categories:

  1. Faith

  2. Family

  3. Finances

  4. Freedom


Each Wednesday night, we dive a little deeper in the above-mentioned areas on a rotating basis.



Someone once said, “our tears move God to compassion but our faith moves God to action.” Since our faith is the key to moving mountains and seeing miracles, we want to take you a little deeper in your faith. WE WILL HELP YOU WIN!


As the family goes, so goes the church. We know the challenges that families are facing….marriage, parenting, single-parent homes, blended families, etc. WE WILL HELP YOU WIN!


Psalm 35 tells us that “The Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children” There are many in various stages & phases of life. So whether it’s debt reduction, budgeting, investing, multi-streams of income or simply obeying God’s Word in the area of finances, WE WILL HELP YOU WIN!


God wants you free in every area. The apostle Paul said, “I will not be a slave or mastered by anything.” Whether it’s unforgiveness, insecurities, drug addictions or pornography, WE WILL HELP YOU WIN!